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Saturday, 1 February 2014

The month that was...

January in New York

January has seemed so long! I'm getting so tired of the cold and snow these days, hopefully we only have 1 more (short) month to deal with it all. Plus fashion week, valentines day, and Presidents' Day are all on the horizon, so things are definitely looking up! Here are a few things I got up to this month...

  • Shopped the January sales. A lot. Is it me or were the deals insanely good this year? Much better than over Thanksgiving/ Black Friday. My best buys have been at Reiss, they still have a few final markdowns left
  • Discovered a few new favorites in NYC, including The Smith for brunch, Agave for dinner, and The Jane Hotel for dancing!
  • Contemplated a new accent chair for our apartment. It's so hard to choose. I love so many of the ones here!
  • Read a couple more books. I'm currently hurrying to finish this, so I can start on The Goldfinch, which it seems everyone is raving about
  • Finally saw The Help, after wanting to see the movie for ages. It didn't disappoint, Emma Stone is amazing

How was your January? Are you looking forward to fashion week (month?!) and Valentines day this year?


Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer evenings

hi horizonsunglassesnyc sunsetpouring winenyc sunset horizoninstagramming sunsetsfriends horizonjcrew boat teewineSarah horizonbirthday cupcakeswhiskeydrinking

When the summer rolls around, this is how we typically spend our evenings, well, in the weekends at least: good food, good drink and good friends. We are so fortunate to have such an incredible roof space that, strangely enough, other residents don't use quite as often, so it's usually pretty quiet! Even better, since our chatter can sometimes get animated as the night goes on ;-)!
These evenings are always the perfect chance to chill out, and probably one of the only times you'll catch me in shorts and a tee! I must admit, this sailboat one was too cute to resist, especially since I'm always inexplicably drawn to anything nautical! Not that I've ever even tried my hand at sailing... Perhaps I've just spent too much time watching the boats whizz by on the river. Thanks to the lovely Nadia and Abigail at Arrojo whipping my messy hair into something MUCH more acceptable this week, I'm even sans hat in these photos! I'm ever appreciative of a style that is easy to manage in the summer and these gals totally nailed it!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Words to remember

 photo il_570xN297310751_zps3d53e46b.jpg photo il_570xN296790137_zps117af26e.jpg photo il_570xN296790041_zps523ad7dc.jpg

I vowed as a New Years Resolution to keep updating the blog more regularly with the all the things I love from day to day, rather than just outfit posts, so I wanted to share these sweet prints from Etsy with you today. Sometimes just a few words can make you step back and think for a minute...we all get so wrapped up in every day life! I particularly love the 'Keep it simple' for my new space at the office and "DO THE WORK' might also be useful for those slow procrastinating afternoons...!

Do you have any mantras that keep you upbeat?

Images via acornandwhale on Etsy.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Coffee table books

coffee table fashion books

Aren't coffee table books the best? I always like to have one or two on hand to flick through while watching TV or if we have guests to stay. I have recently accumulated these fantastic new fashion/ style books (2 of which were lovely xmas presents). Grace: A memoir tells of Grace Coddington's many years in the fashion industry, from her modelling days through to her years at Vogue. Style Feed profiles some of the world's best fashion bloggers from Tavi through to Hanneli (I find this one particularly useful for dishing out to visitors with the question 'so what exactly IS a fashion blog?'). Finally A to Z of Hollywood style explores the styles of some of the best loved film stars of all time. Love all 3, books really do make such great gifts. Here are a few more fashion related books I'm lusting for:

Fashion books
What books are you reading this season?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A makeshift office

office collage

Notepads , Desk, USB ring, Wire basket, Pig bookends, Tic tac toe, , Framed art (by Gemma Correll and Vahram Muratyan), Anchor sculpture, File cabinet, Message board, Calendar, Stool

Taking a little break from all those vacation photos, still so many more to sort through! Recently I've been thinking of some new things that we can do to the apartment for a little change of scenery (today we collected our new bar cart, excited to show you more of that soon!). I've been attracted to so many office photos on Pinterest lately, and considering setting up a little office area for us too! These are some of the things I am drawn to from around the web. Loving the stool, it would be nice to have some British influence in our home! Which are your favorites?

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