Monday, 16 September 2013

New In: Fall Footwear

fall footwearfall footwear
Boots: both M&S, Flats: Chanel (via INA Soho)

Every Fall and Winter, I live in ankle boots, but actually find them a bit of a nightmare to buy. I have a ridiculously high instep which typically means I can't my foot into (or out of!) most boots. Last year I pretty much gave up on finding any new, and lived in the ones from Topshop I bought the year before (seen here and here). Needless to say, the amount of walking I do up and down this city, they've both been to the shoe guy several times, but now they're pretty much unsalvageable. However, funnily enough, when I was back in the UK for vacation this summer, I found 2 pairs that I absolutely Love (in M&S of all places), and that fit perfectly.

The pumps were a very lucky find at one of my favorite thrift stores, completely unworn-and at less than 50% of the price they go for in store! I'd say that's a pretty good deal, and I've been wearing them a lot already. I definitely recommend keeping your eyes open for shoes in thrift stores, I'm not keen on buying used shoes so I tend to skip over them, but you'll never know what you might stumble upon. I would never have been able to get them at full price!

All in all, I think I'm about good to go! What shoes are you loving for this season? Does anyone else have trouble finding boots that fit well?


  1. awesome post!

  2. Those shoes are all so wonderful! And I feel your pain, finding boots that fit well has always been a struggle for me, ive actually been looking for a new pair for awhile now!

  3. Those shoes are awesome, I really love those boots!

    Maria xxx


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