Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Must see in NYC: Thierry Cohen

Ever imagined what the night sky over NYC could look like without pollution? Last weekend we took a trip to Chelsea to check out this incredible exhibition by Parisian photographer Thierry Cohen. The pictures were so awe-inspiring and beautiful that I just had to share! Here's what the gallery had to say...

"Cohen seeks out views that resonate for him and notes the precise time, angle, and latitude and longitude of his exposure. As the world rotates around its axis the stars that would have been visible above a particular city move to deserts, plains, and other places free of light pollution. By noting the precise latitude and angle of his cityscape, Cohen is able to track the earth’s rotation to places of atmospheric clarity like the Mojave, the Sahara, and the Atacama desert. There he sets up his camera to record what is lost to modern urban dwellers." 

By producing composites of 2 images you can see what we're really missing! The exhibition is at the Danzier Gallery until May 4th, and I highly recommend you stopping by if you're in the area.


  1. These are great - I'm sure he's done one for Hong Kong too but I love these.

  2. I love these, such beautiful pictures!

    Maria xxx

  3. these pictures are stunning!!

    Alexa <3


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