Wednesday, 13 February 2013

There's something about... Red

red collage 1

Here's a subtle Valentine's day theme for you! There really is something to say about red. I've always been drawn to it but, as a blonde, steered clear of block red, fearing the bright tone with the assumption that it looked better on darker haired ladies. However, lately, I can't stop myself! Red is everywhere and it's time to embrace it.

red collage 2
For me nothing beats a little red dress or a cute red coat in the winter. Recently I purchased both, so needless to say, I'm pretty stoked. There's nothing quite like spying a 'lady in red' standing out amongst a sea of black, cream and navy.
red collage 3
Even hints of red can really make an outfit pop. Red gloves, bags, berets and nails are timeless (and a little Parisian, non?).
Will you be wearing red this Valentine's Day? I will!

Images via: Vogue Japan, Sunday Times Style, Style and the city, Gary Pepper Vintage, The cherry blossom girl. Rest via Pinterest (source currently unknown)


  1. I love the top right look with the red and pink!


  2. love this post!

  3. Love it <3


  4. I love wearing red, it is DEFINITELY one of my favourite colours!

    Maria xxx

  5. Red is not a colour I would go for normally, but I love this selection of images-makes me want to have more red in my wardrobe! :)


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